Our Products

Machine & Crew Allocation System

  • Time & Cost Saver
  • Maximum output from available resources
  • Maximum output from available resources
  • Easy manpower & Machine Management
  • Forward planning of resource to avoid any lay back period
  • Maintenance planning for machines
  • At a glance job & company review

Property Management System

  • Transparent Transactions for Trust & Brand Building
  • Property Management Company will save huge amount of time, energy& money. As communication, scheduling can be done on computer & handheld devices.
  • No room for miscommunication.
  • A to Z Information & document storage against property
  • Time & Operational Cost saving
  • Multiple property handling is possible for Owner Tenant & Manager
  • Easy reporting tool & same template of report format across the company

Our Process


We listen to your vision needs and requirements. Provide you with examples from our experience. Reach an understanding of what needs to be achieved


We'll work with you to provide a visual design of your web site. Mockups and UI design of all major applications will first be presented to you and improved before we move into development.


Project is broken into many smaller parts and development starts. Clear milestones are set and weekly updates and live demos are given to ensure features are being implemented according to expectations.


Our launch strategy includes attention to all details from making sure there is no disruption of service to meeting our full checklist of launching hundreds of sites.